02.16.2015 Workshop / Making a Chair Really Fast

I'm doing a workshop for fellow graduate designers at CCA this Friday. You can't come, but it's pretty cool, so here's the description. Poster design by Lawrence Lander. I'll post pictures of the results in a few. Making A Chair Really Fast, or an exercise in quick decision making and following an idea through to the end

Each participant will be provided with three (3) 8' foot 1"x4" pieces of standard construction wood. I will give a very short lecture about chairs (in some nominal way), and they we will all go upstairs to the workshops. The project asks that you, using all 24' feet of the wood (no more and no less), to make a chair of your own design. It doesn't need to be useable, beautiful, or even interesting. It needs only to have some arguable relationship to the idea of "chair". We will get into this more at the workshop. You can attach the wood to itself in any way you want – screws, glue, nails, magic, rubber bands, string etc. etc. etc..

This is an exercise in taking a gesture, a move, a decision, and flowing it through to the end. It is about making something fast, but complete. It is about having fun in the shops, getting your hands dirty, and letting yourself be free to making something tangible.

You don't need to be good at making things to participate. In fact, it might be more interesting if you aren't self-described as "good at making things". Or you can be good. It doesn't matter. What matters is knowing that, in two hours, you'll go from concept to sketch to finished product (or however you feel like working, but you should have a concept, right? This is design, isn't it?), and be ready to talk about what that concept was, and how it manifested in the chair that you built.

See you all then.