10.04.2014 Meditation Beads, Progress, Etc.

Beads_Clean I made a set (well, 16 sets) of meditation beads for my thesis project work last week, and ran a short meditation using the beads as markers of breath. My thesis continues to evolve into a space of presence making and awareness tools. The beads are a fairly linear approach to the concept, too binary to maintain a deep investigation for my thesis, but interesting to test nonetheless.

As I move forward with my project making, I am comfortable that I am operating in the appropriate territorial space without necessarily knowing exactly what my project is going to be. I recognize that I am still establishing borders around the outside of my project area. It remains easier to make “things,” and see what my project is not, rather than what it is. I feel secure that as I move forward and continue to make things that my project will manifest itself, that the process – engaging with and following – will yield the results, the critical tension that I need to hold my project area together. I can create a narrative trajectory of the work that I have made this semester, and the thought processes and logics that bind it together. I am still experimenting, learning through making while reading and actively thinking. I am engaged in research while still participating in making concrete “things” that test out operational potential generative intensities. I also recognize that the time for concretizing is coming closer. But I remain in this space because I believe that it is the correct space for me to be in at this time.

I intend on continuing to make, to push forward, and push boundaries.

The Long Con ekes on.

Process is progress. Progress is process.

Beads in a bunch