10.23.2014 Awareness Stool v.3

The third in the series of attention stools. Cast from concrete, the stool asks the user to engage with the process of arranging and sitting with a greater volume of physical investment than stools usually require. The engagement emphasizes the noticing of the body, extended physically, the tectonics of the object. The act of sitting also becomes slightly dangerous. Senses are fully engaged and tension is created in the moment. In my work as I progress, I want to look at this line of danger, expectation, safety. Richard Serra is perhaps the master of this moment of tension and this space. There is lightness and grace in the massive forms and negative spaces that he creates, at the same time, a tension highlighted by the balancing and near breathlessness of the form's touching each other.

output_czWOBh (2)

Attention Chair_Concrete_Lifting

Attention Chair_Concrete_Sitting

Attention Chair_Concrete_Down

Attention Chair_Concrete_Upright