12.03.2014 Chairs for Sitting - Mt. Tam

ChairsFor_Landscape_RES Chairs for Sitting is an experiment in radical presentness. We sit, often for hours in our day-to-day lives, at work, at school, at home. We sit because we have to, and where we sit is expected. Sitting, to most of us, is a means to be positioned to be doing something, and otherwise mentally engaged. But sitting has the means to be an alternative practice of being radically present in your body in time and space. To sit and be with yourself. To have started a small trip of discovery out of your routine and into the unexpected.

Chairs for Sitting is an ongoing project that asks you to go out and find chairs that have been located at specific sites in the landscape. The entirety of your journey - the transition from your fast paced, urban existence into a natural space, the exploration and walk into the landscape, the settling onto a crafted chair - has been made to transition you to a place of awareness and attentiveness. Each chair, each space, takes you away from your daily life, and offers you the opportunity to focus. Your body activates the chair in the landscape and elevates the moment. As we find new locations where the enmeshment of sacredness, calmness, and nature intersect, we will install new chairs to be discovered and post new maps to be found. These chairs are not permanent fixtures in the landscape; they are not installed, only placed. They are possibilities. They may not be there anymore, already.

This chair is located on the top of Mt. Tamalpais, in Marin County, California. Go forth.


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ChairsFor_In The Land_2_RES

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