I am thrilled to apply to the Creative Lead position. I bring a multivalent skillset honed across multiple disciplines. I work best faced with a variety of complex challenges, and have the rare attributes of being a design and process driven leader, while possessing management competencies.

I have a background in the physical design of things, and I operate from an experimental and questioning mindset, understanding the rigor and process of making product.

At Highway1, I am the Product Director, managing a team and running product for incubated startups with a focus on design, narrative, holistic thinking, and leadership through first principals. I manage progress, and create structures for success, working to figure out what should be made and why, interrogating the unknown. I integrate the whole of a startup’s ecology create a meaningful story with product that reflects their core value.

I enjoy ambiguity, redirecting energies and connecting dots to solve problems. Working on the constant edge of the disruptive hardware startup ecosystem, I thrive in movement. Startups have given me the backbone of being part of early stage development definitional processes, and the critical importance of human experience. 

I hold a MFA in Design, where I added time and grain to objects and experiences. I developed solutions that ask and answer questions from a variety of perspectives, seeking answers in unlikely places. I include personal work here - conceptual projects that provide an exploratory and critical perspective on design, providing space and clarity to evaluate ideas and create possibilities. 

I have a background in digital prototyping, having founded a bicycle design and build studio and managed shops, and know hands-on how to get it done.

I want to work on the forefront of design. I have a relentless desire for improvement and growth, for forward movement, and maintaining momentum, for creating and executing on a vision to reimagine and make a better world.

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