Rafi Ajl was born and raised in the wilds of Brooklyn, New York. After experiencing the green pastures of Amherst, Massachusetts, he escaped to the Pacific Coast. 10 or so years later, with a little bit of there and elsewhere, here he remains.

Rafi and Imperfect Evidence believe that design comes from concept, research, and rigorous, process oriented work. While primarily interested in the physical built environment and our interactions within it, we have our hands in the design of all mediums. We are concerned with both massive change and small interventions into daily practice to create a more resilient and joyful world. Our specialties are industrial design, storytelling, strategic problem solving and thinking, and research.

Our practice creates things and experiences that engage people in mindful ways to enable curiosity and inquiry in the world around them.

Rafi completed a MFA in Design from the California College of the Arts, with a focus in industrial design, theory, and writing. Previously, he attended Hampshire College, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, focusing in critical theory, literature, and architectural theory. Along the way, there was coursework completed towards a Master of Landscape Architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. 

Rafi has taught at California College of the Arts as both a lecturer and a graduate teaching assistant in industrial design. He learns, works, teaches, and lives in San Francisco, California. Process is progress. Progress is process.

<read ... write ... draw ... design ... make ... iterate> <rinse and repeat>

rafi.ajl@gmail.com / +1.917.974.7646