11.13.2015 OKSO. Okay So.

Okay so.


I know, it's been a while, I'm sorry.


I know that it's my fault. Just with life and work and making.


I know, I know.


I promise, I'll be better. I know it's important.


Okay, I love you.


Aw, thanks. Okay. So let me tell you. Things have been busy. The end of school in Spring, a fast and hot Summer turning into Fall with the whispers of Winter on the edges of the wind. Things have been busy indeed. I'll fill you in on all of it, I promise to be better. Really. In the meantime, can I just give you a taste? There might even be things that I'm forgetting.

*Working on a new project with Future Farmers in Oslo - The Flatbread Society (ongoing)

*Finished a project with Future Farmers in Italy - Consortium Instabile (I'll show you soon!)

*Starting a design collective with CCA MFA Design alumni Love and/or Money (our first project at Art Night SF was a huge success, and the next projects are coming in and in the pocket)

*Starting a treehouse project with my love and design partner Cristina Gaitan at Xerox Parc

*Getting ready to teach a class at The Storefront Institute on how learning how to sharpen a small carving knife helps you recognize your place in the cosmos, and designing and fabricating the knives to boot.

*Gearing up to teach a class in the CCA MFA Design program "Drawing and Technology"

*Doing product development and identity work for Asimmetric

So you can see. I've been a little busy. In the meantime too I got a dog, graduate from school (remember that?), taken some great trips, planned some great trip, working hard at my day job, loving my partner, loving my friends, and surfing.

Updates to come. I promise.

05.27.2015: It's All Over / it's Just Beginning

Well, it's all over, and it's all just beginning. I oh so recently graduated CCA's MFA in Design program, and it is good bye school and hello world time. The time of a job, a weekend, projects with clients, evenings at home. It's both liberating and sad, everything all at once. It's an adjustment, to be sure, from always having something to do, something to perfect, to not having much to do except what is essentially personal work.

A buoy that has been helping my along is a project that I am working on, along with two fellow graduates Cristina Gaitan and Maru Carrion, with Future Farmers. Future Farmers is a hybrid art-designs practice based out of San Francisco. A professor, David Kasprzak (of Will Brown and Colpa Press, amongst other things), set us up with Amy Franceschini towards the end of our semester. We've been designing a seed box for a group of renegade Italian farmers. These famers plant and grow heritage seeds that are not certified by the European Union. They have a secret society that they call the Consortium Instabile, and they get together every few months to swap seeds, tell stories, and practice solidarity. Future Farmers is working with them to create this seed box, seed carrier, that they bring to each meeting that they have. 

Below are some of the things we've been working on. More to come.